Carter Gekiere

Unicode Code Books
Pratt Institute, Senior Thesis

As technology evolves into a network of exchanges, endeavors of the Unicode Consortium assist in facilitating present-day communication between machines by establishing the global standard for character encodings. This integral hierarchy from encoding to decoding assembles an infrastructure invisible to the average user. In times where the definition of distance has drastically shifted, the work and efforts of Unicode have become an essential facilitator of social interactions, work relations, and entertainment.

Remaining inconspicuous in nature permits the efforts of Unicode to loom above telecommunication between individuals. This thesis addresses specific structures in Unicode's organization to provide new perspectives on data's social and political bias. What are the social and economic consequences that come with maintaining a substantial influence over the creation and formation of software? Does Unicode’s banality exercise partiality concerning the crossing of languages and technology? How does the public’s access and knowledge of Unicode further the consortium’s agenda?

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