Carter Gekiere

All Possible Copies

The publication All Possible Copies was produced in response to the lack of accessibility to various design texts in an education setting. All Possible Futures, the exhibition catalogue published by Jon Sueda and the Architectural Association, appears on many syllabi for studio classes because of its broad scope on current graphic design practice and thought. Accessibility to this text is quite lacking, leaving students without the ability to read the book in its entirety.

In a personal search to read the catalogue, I discovered the only copy available went missing from the Pratt library after a section of the shelves collapsed where it was housed. The only way to access the full text was to request a copy from Connecticut through an InnerLibrary Loan. As with all loans, the book would have to be returned after a short period and is confined to very few users. These circumstances beg the question: How can students create an environment where meaningful and relevant design texts are easily accessible?

A facsimile was created using scans and after-hours printing to ensure students continue to have access to the text. The book also exists as a digital PDF.

In Collaboration with Maddy Bruster and Jon Sueda